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Welcome to Aloha Kids!

"Learning should be fun!"

In Aloha Kids, we believe the best learning experience comes from enjoying classes. The more entertaining the class, the better your English gets!  

Why Choose Aloha Kids...


​ Safe Unlicensed Childcare Facility

In September 2022, a certificate of guidance and supervision standards for unlicensed childcare facilities was issued. Please leave your child with peace of mind.
Subsidies are available for those who have been certified as needing childcare.You can receive it.

​ Diverse Curriculum

Music and Art Classes are held every week for children aged 3 and over. Classes are taught by professional teachers.

The Sports Program is also substantial, and we will perform Dance, Soccer, and gymnastics.

 Enrollment from 1Year and 8Months Old

Being exposed to English from a young age makes learning more fun!


Immersive English Environment 

It feels like studying abroad!
Experienced teachers will teach you in an easy-to-understand manner. All conversations will be in English.

Good Communication

Japanese staff members support us when it comes to childcare. They look forward to communicating with parents!

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